Day 27th

Captain's log, Mission One, day 27th. Geostationary orbit, Red & Black station, Chorzów.

Day 26th

Captain's log, Mission One, day 26th. Heading Rzeszów system, checkpoint Vinyl.

Day 24th

 Captain's Log, Mission One, day 24th. Our spacecraft goes farther.

Day 19th

Mission One, day 19th. Direction - rings of Saturn!

Day 12th

Captain's log, Mission One day 12th. Here we come!

Day 9th

Captain's log, mission one day 9th. Home planet, next to headquater - Silesian Planetarium.

Day 8th

Captain's log, mission one day 8th. Next meeting far beyond borders of our system.

day 4th

Captain's log, Mission One Day 4th.
We went through the wormhole to the other galaxy. We found there a fourth member of the crew - drummer Tomasz Raszka. At last our crew is complete!
ASTROGATOR - Przemysław Latacz (7 - superstring guitar theory, voc.)
CYBERENGINEER - Józef Brodziński (bass gravity shockwave)
FIRST MATE - Tomasz Ziarko (6 - string graduated pilot)
ENGINEER NUCLEONIC - Tomasz Raszka (controlled blast chainreaction)


Mission 1 Day 2nd
Launch procedure and mission's first stage complete.
Full album - 10 songs - recorded, mixed and mastered in Studio 67 in Cracow, Poland by Dominik Burzym.
Check out 3 songs in BASE section - NothingMachine, Eden and Mask. Mask presented as lyrics video with English and Polish subtitles.
Mission's full description in MISSION section.

Next stages to complete:
1. Finding the label to publish our stuff.
2. Completing the rest of the crew (for gigs and the new album works) - we need drummer and second guitarist (7-string most wanted)

I invite YOU to cooperation - headquarters Katowice, Poland
Astrogator Przemysław Latacz ( -at- )