ASTROGATOR - Przemysław Latacz (7 - superstring guitar theory, voc.)
CYBERENGINEER - Józef Brodziński (bass gravity shockwave)
FIRST MATE - Tomasz Ziarko (7-string Flying V graduated pilot)
ENGINEER NUCLEONIC - Tomasz Raszka (controlled blast chainreaction)
Planet Hell is death metal progressive project established in 2014 by Przemysław Latacz, leader of one of the most important to Polish thrash metal bands, The No-Mads.
Active musician since 1992, officially debuted in 1994 with the band Scream - published by Loud Out Records. He recorded with The No-Mads four studio albums officialy published in Poland, Germany and Japan. He played gigs in his country and abroad, (approx. 200 gigs) supporting Destruction, Sodom, Holy Moses, Flotsam& Jetsam, Artillery.
Planet Hell?s debut album entitled Mission One, is inspired by classical death, thrash, black metal and industrial, and focused on the border of music genres. Lyrics are inspired by Stanisław Lem?s works - brilliant SF writer, philosopher, futurologist and physician.

The album was recorded in Studio 67 in Cracow in the line up:
Przemysław Latacz ? vocal, guitars
Józef Brodziński ? bass
Dominik Burzym ? drums recording&editing, mix and mastering

At the end of 2015, project became a BAND because of joining to Przemysław and Józef two brilliant musicians - Tomasz Ziarko (guitar) and Tomasz Raszka (drums).  Band starts playing live and gathering good reviews.
Debut album entitled 'Mission One' is released by Thrashing Madness as CD digibook and as download by Mad Lion Records. 

Planet Hell 'Mision One' (2016 - CD digibook, Thrashing Madness/download Mad Lion Records)
Przemysław Latacz - discography:
Scream - Ciemne Strony Ludzkich Dusz (Dark Sides Of Human Soul) (1994, Loud Out Records, CC)
The No-Mads ? No Hush Till Thrash (2003 self released, CD)
The No-Mads ? Deranged (2006, Shark Records, Germany; Metal Mind Production, CD)
The No-Mads ? The Age Of Demise (2009 Metal Mundus/Fonografika, CD/DVD)
The No-Mads ? Lost Control (2013 Thrashing Madness; 2014 Rubicon Music ? Japan, CD) (with Józef Brodziński)