The Star Ship crew crash land on an alien world they call Eden and set out to explore the planet in order to fix up their vessel. They find an alien society, seeing a constant cycle of materials being produced and then destroyed and recycled. They also discover structures resembling graves and hundreds of skeletons. Unexpectedly one of the aliens joins the group. Using a translator, the crew and one of the aliens speak to one another and begin to gain an understanding of the other's species...


Landscape of death - we don?t understand a thing
Bizarre world becomes mystifying?Procrustes' evil science to create a higher echelon
Of society

Factory produce, destroy, recycle
Hundreds of skeletons
Alien drama
Hidden dictators, brainwashing drill
Genetic experiment to enhance breed
Concentration camps without any guards
World collapse

Factory produce, destroy, recycle
Victims of genocide
Alien drama

Weapon ? no weapon
One ? no one
Many ? not many
Evolution ? rising involution
One is - one is not
Death ? antideath
Who was after ? was not
Central control ? minor adaptation
Hathanger ? selftarget
Hathanger ? selfredemption
Comeback ? no comeback
Help? ? zero. Help ? zero.