In the area of the fall from the Tunguska meteorite a strange object is found and later identified as an extra-terrestrial data record about planned alien invasion on Earth.
Afterwards the international spaceship crew arrives on planet indicated as possible place of the recorded origin.
The astronauts find no traces of life, only strange, half-destroyed technological structures.
It turns out that planet was inhabited by a warlike civilization that perished in a nuclear civil war 


Fallen star brings
Letter from dying world
Ultimate threat - Declaration of war
My missions priority - Is to know the unknown
To save target Earth
From nuclear holocaust

The lonesome scout under the ivory sky
Dead forest paths sparkle with radiation

Planet?s star shine
Planet?s death
Planet?s silence

White sphere emerges from debris
Black river brings electric shock
Extra-terrestrial - Inhuman device
Significant clockwork to apocalypse

City of ghosts - Crystal labyrinth
Silhouettes on melted walls
Last witness of doom
Silent planet - Dead planet