Spaceship commander has a task ? to test new crew in extreme conditions. Some members of the crew are new generation androids with recently developed module of artificial intelligence. One android plans a conspiracy to kill the human part of the crew in a simulated accident to prove his supremacy. But human weakness has an advantage over a perfect machine?


I am entity
I don?t hate my masters
They created me slave
I update my task

I am the human and my weakness is my weapon
I hesitate, I doubt, I make wrong decision

Reckless flight through Saturn rings division
To defeat the ultimate machine
Human race perfectly incoherent
Silent scream means victory

Cyberplan of execution disrupted by no reaction
Do robots believe in God? Who is supreme
and who the lesser?

I am the human and my weakness is my weapon
I am the human, I have the soul
I am entity
I have no emotions
My attitude to mankind
Is negative
Your world is a theater
And you play in my drama
Your world is empty
My madness is your