The King - powerful cosmic warrior - gives orders to construct a wonder-weapon ? an ultimate fusion of robot and dragon.  The Weapon turns against his master, wants to dethrone King and take over the kingdom.
The only way to defeat the monster machine is a trick. To begin mathematical game in order to activate program of self-destruction ? ?the equation of doom?.


The King
Warrior creates
Cyber art of war
King prevails
Warrior beats
To defeat
Virtual enemies

Battle in space to the rest
Only solution
Fight cosmic weapon for the best
Martial evolution

For King?s will
Virtual is real
ElectroDragon takes over the Moon
Decimated army
Cannot resist
ElectroDragon wants throne

New machine forges
Digital strategy
Mathematical carnage
Equation of doom

All hell broke loose
Equation, equation
Subtraction of Dragon
Equals zero
Arithmetic' rules - equation
Subtraction to self-destruction
Dismembered foe
Creates peace