Return From The Stars

An Astronaut and his crew return to Earth after a 127-year mission. Due to time dilation, the mission has lasted only 10 years for them, but on Earth they face a culture shock, as they find the society transformed into a utopia, free of wars and violence and even accidents.
Humans themselves have changed, having undergone a procedure called betrization to neutralize all aggressive impulses. He and the other returning astronauts are alienated, outcasts, and subject to social pressure. In time, the astronaut marries a local girl and comes to see the world her way. The spaceman faces the choice between leading a peaceful life with his beloved one and leaving the Earth again in the hope that once he comes back in several centuries, Earth's society will be more familiar again.

Return From The Stars

I returned from the stars
Decent man, not a hero?not a hero
Relativity is mocking me
Earth is not my world anymore
Balanced society needs no heroes

No one - No one - No one looks at fiery stars
No one - No one - No one touches shimmering sky

From distant empty worlds, to emptiness of solitude
Better man kills man in the man
They can't betrizate me, still I can kill

Chromosphere of Arcturus glides on carousel of fire
Meets spicular planetoid in the sea of dust
From love to shame, from shame to perdition
Good heavens black and blue - is she my Little Star?

Escaping from love - falling in love
Passion is aggression, kiss is fear

Follow constellations
To find home
Follow mountaintops
To find home
Astral love belongs to Earth