Two robotics constructors compete with each other in the field of science.
One of them builds the machine, which is able to create everything provided its name begins from the letter N.
The second one maliciously orders the machine to do ? ?Nothing?, to overwhelm the opponent, because a machine, which does nothing is useless. The machine in its ingeniousness starts to do Nothingness, thus erasing reality.


N-machine makes n-possible
Nymphs Neutrons Nebula Nature
N-machine is n-finity
Neons Nemezis Nerve Nightmare
One perfect

N-machine?s program runs perfect
No more nymphs No nebula No nature
N-machine erases by the letters
Nullity Nonentity Nonexistence Nonexistence

Stop this madness!
Regress program!

Impossible, n-possible
From negation to negatron
Antithesis, antimatter
Radient cloud anti-world

N-machine makes n-possible
Nymphs return Neutrons return
N-machine is n-finity
World was saved, but empty spaces left