A powerful and armed interstellar space ship called Invincible lands on planet Regis III which seems uninhabited and bleak, to investigate the loss of its sister ship, Condor. During the investigation, the crew find evidence of a form of a quasi-life form, born through the evolution of autonomous nanobots, self-replicating machines apparently left behind by an alien civilization.

Silent life of necrosphere
Secret plan for subconscious mind
Metallic shrubs and metallic insects
Swarm intelligence in black rain
      We remain Invincible? over?
      We are still Invincible? over?

Facing self replicating death
Universal architects lost in action
Reduced into mindless beings
Heralding planetary scale disruption
City of dunes of extinct race
Necroevolution hidden in clouds
Only the peaceful mind can survive
Bringer of truth, but no one to believe

We elevate Invincible? over? over?
We elevate Invincible? over? over?