Beautiful female android programmed as doom machine begins an inner struggle to save her beloved man.


I was born in a cold flame
I was born in lingering thunder
My world began in lightning tremor
With creeping metal snakes

My rage made my soul burn
In the darknesssssss
Thread of molecules
Carrying the tracccce
My present beauty is a deadly thing
Mortal fear surrounds me
Another person with another name
Unavoidable doom

Had I been mad
Or was I mad still
I wish to kill
Or just discover myself

Mind in total eclipse
Agony of indecision
My cocoon, my false skin
Venomous metal fills my veins
I killed him sooner than he thought
Cut the body in half
Dawn entered between us
Fallen rain of blood

On the third day
The sun came up
On the third day

On the third day the sun
Came up