Captain's log, Mission One, day 1st.

The Planet Hell project is to me an accomplishment of my many music desires and emotions. When I started to listen to music consciously and tried to play the instruments, classic heavy metal began to sprout sinister tentacles in various directions. I grew up when extreme metal genres such as Thrash, Death, Black Metal and industrial were just starting to make a ?noise!?
During that time I already felt, and recently I became firmly convinced, that most interesting things are created on the border of music genres.
New, fresh and inspiring tones arise. 
That's why Planet Hell is the band you may connect with genres mentioned before. I am at the verge and I like it.
The other issue is the subject matter of lyrics. I went back to my roots and I discover anew Stanisław Lem writings, who was not only one of the most outstanding SF writers, but also philosopher, futurologist
and similar to me - graduated physician.
The whole of the debut album lyrics of Planet Hell - Mission One (except Rush cover) are inspired by  selected novels  and short stories of Stanisław Lem.
I pay homage to his genius and I hope that the atmosphere I created may match a bit his visions, but obviously I can?t find it out...
In music I pay tribute to precursors mentioned metal genres,
but I want to mark out:
Devin Townsend and Strapping Young Lad, Rush, Immolation, Steven Wilson and Porcupine Tree, and Voivod of course - their song title became my project name. Last but not least are bands  such as Dead Can Dance and Cocteau Twins, but my ambition was to create outer space music without electronic, using only classical heavy metal instruments.
So, I invite You to the journey to Universes' frontiers.

Astrogator Przemysław Latacz

End of messege.